2017 is going to…

…rise from the ashes of 2016 and be great. Right?! I think most of us can agree that 2016 was harder than it needed to be. But maybe I shouldn’t put too much pressure on 2017 to be great…although the bar is pretty low at this point. Many things derailed me on my genealogy mission this year. Life in general was a mess this year. It was one of those reflective years. I felt like I wasn’t in the right place or time all year.

One thing I absolutely did nothing on this past year was the Genealogy Do-Over. I signed up for it and was excited about the idea of going back through my existing work, adding new citations, and making sure that what I had was correct. I knew it would lead me into future research with a clean slate and new motivation. Didn’t happen. When my sisters and I cleaned out my Dad’s cabin, I gathered quite a bit of new research and lots of new photos. I was initially excited and then depressed and then overwhelmed. Dealing with all the emotions of losing a parent wasn’t really the kick-start I needed/wanted/expected it to be. I am signing up for the do-over again, but in actuality 2017 needs to be more about getting organized and doing some archiving before I get too mired in adding new research.

The other annoying set backs are all on me and technology. Amazon warned me that they were doing away with their cloud sync. I didn’t really take it seriously until today when I tried to find my photos and they were gone…momentary panic….not really gone..just in a new place and since the old sync is gone all my folder names are gibberish. Why? WHY? No idea, but that needs to be dealt with. I can try the new sync app or I can go to a completely new back-up system which is where I am leaning.

Ancestry warned me they were doing away with Family Tree Maker and their sync function. (What does everyone suddenly have against syncing!) I upgraded to the new FTM but unlike other software when you update an existing application this installed a brand new application so now I have two installations. The old one has all my research. I think. The thought of trying to figure it out just left me in a weakened state. So, this year I need to decide if I am sticking with it or going to RootsMagic when they add in the sync feature with Ancestry.

Things I did right. I started this blog. Yay! Which added more work (Boo!) to my to-do list, but I am still enjoying it and I think it will be easier to keep up with once I am more organized. And, once I accept that I don’t have to always write something earth-shatteringly awesome or some revelatory research in order to post, things will be easier/faster. I also (finally) completed the acceptance process into the Daughters of the American Revolution for myself and my sisters and my cousins. Dad knew we were accepted (and I think he was very happy about it) but I hadn’t gotten around to completing the oath and feeling like I was ‘in’. That was a big accomplishment since I submitted 9 applications. And it was motivating since I feel like there are other lineage societies I could join…calm down…I am organizing first.

This year was full of highs and lows. Like most years, I guess. It felt more challenging for some reason…maybe because other people I know were also feeling it. But I am trying to have a clear vision for this year. Trying to be more open to all the potential changes coming my way and be excited about those changes. Let’s all hope/pray that 2017 is better.

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…” — Alfred Tennyson


  1. Anonymous December 29, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Love the post! Here’s to 2017 being filled with many checked off to-do list items, much organization, and more yay’s than boo’s! Cheers!

  2. One Strong Southern Girl December 28, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Life does seem to get in the way of those to-do lists–I can totally relate. You did amazing work to accomplish the DAR acceptance! Bravo! A massive undertaking. Slow and steady will win the race. Nice post.


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