before there was the internet

Thought I could quickly sort a few of the heirloom items today. Didn’t happen since they were falling apart as I tried to flatten the pages. Brown paper snowflakes everywhere. When I opened the package, I discovered this ScrapBOOK.


It appears to be more of a drawing pad than a scrapbook. I couldn’t find a back cover that might have given me a date. Very thin legal sized paper. This was in the file box that Dad had labeled Lax Family research so I think this is research that Uncle John started. The whole notebook was folded in half and stored in a manilla envelope along with many other treasures which all need TLC.


Unfortunately much of the handwriting has faded. I will try to scan it all at some point when I have more time to spread it all out. The paper itself is so brittle that it will not last much handling. Will need to invest in plastic pages or some other kind of archival storage if there is any hope of it lasting another 40 years. You can see though where he started drafting out everything he had for the family tree.

Most of this information should match what is now listed on Ancestry in our electronic family tree, but I am looking forward to going back and comparing notes. The tree he started spans page after page written out by hand and researched without all the options available now on the internet. This really is the foundation of so much of what I have now. Very exciting to see where it started.

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