I wanted to add a really fun post about our trip to Glacier National Park this summer, but instead I have spent the last few weeks fighting with technology. First, I made the decision to switch to a newer and better supported theme for the blog. Got that working. Along with updates to all my photo sizes. Then WP updated and the theme broke. More sadness. Hosting problems…. and yesterday I spent all day trying to figure out how to fix a problem with the images that appear when I share a post. I still have not resolved that issue despite downloading plug-ins and refreshing caches and going to developer sites that I have no business/desire to visit. I really just want to write this freaking blog and not deal with all the tech problems, but the OCD part of me just will not stop trying to fix all the things that bug me.

In the spirit of letting go though, I am going to post this beautiful photo of Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park. You may see Avalanche Lake or you may see a photo of my dogs digging a hole that I posted to Instagram. I tried to fix it. I really did. Going forward, I am going to get back to writing my posts and if the other bits and pieces decide to work, great! If they do not, F888 it!


  1. One Strong Southern Girl September 26, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Oh, Sister, I can completely relate! Someone needs to start a forum for bloggers suffering every day from tech frustrations! I, too, spent an entire day this weekend ‘tweaking’ my site with the goal of optimizing the experience of my readers only to ultimately break my blog after entering 4 lines of code in a place where it (apparently) shouldn’t go. So. Much. Sadness. Things are back up and running over at OSSG again but my poor readers will have to deal with my UN-optimized site for now because I’m scared to click on anything. Hang in there! Your new theme looks great and the photo I see is a breathtaking Glacier National Park. Make sure Google Analytics updates your numbers;-)

    • srjdesign September 27, 2016 at 11:07 pm

      Thanks, Sister! Sad that we are both having tech problems, but glad I have someone to share the frustration. I just noticed all the spacing the in comments section is weird….not sure I dare try to fix something else. Ha!


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